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Call us on 01303 273610 or 07921 568499

Why choose A and M Removals for your move?


Years Experience

We have over 20 years of experience within our field and are happy tp help you with any aspect of your move.


Throughout the UK and Europe

Being based in Folkestone Kent, means we are located at the gateway of Europe, with fast easy access to cross the channel into Europe.


Fantastic Value for Money

A and M Removals offer fantastic value for money and we are a friendly, experienced reliable company.

What We Do

About A & M Removals

A & M Removals was established in 1992 and has been providing removals for businesses and the general public for over 20years. As a removal company we travel all over the UK and Europe, transporting anything from a box to a full house removal. We offer a friendly, reliable, high standard removal service that suits all types of budgets.

Choose The Right Team

At A & M Removals all of the staff are friendly, reliable, punctual and professional. Staff are all trained to the highest standards to ensure there accidents are rare and that your move is smooth and stress free. We have enough staff to enable us to do more then one move on any one day effectively.

A & M Removals fleet of vehicles range from 3.5ton Luton vans to 7.5ton lorry's and an impressive 18 ton lorry for the bigger jobs when needed. So a vehicle to fit all needs.

With any move we complete, whether it be a single item move or a full house move across the UK or Europe, we always offer/use mattress covers of all sizes, sofa covers, appliance covers and wardrobe boxes.These are always free and always brand new and unused,the last thing you want is for it to be raining and you have a wet mattress or sofa to sit on, so we make sure we have covered every base. Wardrobe boxes are 5ft high and 2ft square, we transfer your hanging garments to our wardrobe boxes and then when your wardrobe is in your new property we just transfer the garments back again, saves bagging or boxing the items. All blankets and ties come with the lorry on the day to protect your goods and keep things strapped in ready for transit.

Everything which enters our vehicles gets covered and wrapped by our staff and strapped to the side of our vehicle so the item is in the same condition when it arrives as when it left your original property. The staff treat your items as if they were there own ,with due care and attention for every item. Protective boot covers are available so no matter what colour your carpets are, whether you have black carpets or cream , we can keep the carpets in their original condition.

As a business supplying removals we do carry all the relevant documents and insurances, so if in any event something ever happened to your item/items we are fully covered to cover the damage through our insurance department. Our goods in transit insurance covers your items up to the value of £25,000, anything above that value should be declared before the move date so we can get the right amount of insurance in place.

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